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1. Achour NB, Youssef-Turki Ilhem Ben IB, Messelmani M, Kraoua I, Yaacoubi J, Klaa H, et al. Anti-nmda receptor encephalitis mimicking a primary psychiatric disorder in a 13-year-old girl. Turk Psikiyatri Dergisi. 2013;24(2).

2. Ajili F, Darouiche A, Chebil M, Boubaker S. The efficacy of intravesical bacillus calmette-guerin in the treatment of patients with pT1 stage non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Ultrastructural Pathology. 2013;37(4):278‑283.

3. Ajili F, Darouiche A, Chebil M, Boubaker S. The efficiency of the EORTC scoring system for the prediction of recurrence and progression of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer treated by bacillus calmette-guerin immunotherapy. Ultrastructural Pathology. 2013;37(4):249‑253.

4. Ajili F, Darouiche A, Chebil M, Boubaker S. The impact of age and clinical factors in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer treated with bacillus calmette guerin therapy. Ultrastructural Pathology. 2013;37(3):191‑195.

5. Ajili F, Kourda N, Darouiche A, Chebil M, Boubaker S. Prognostic value of tumor-associated macrophages count in human non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer treated by bcg immunotherapy. Ultrastructural Pathology. 2013;37(1):56‑61.

6. Ajili F, Kourda N, Karay S, Darouiche A, Chebil M, Boubaker S. Impact of smoking intensity on outcomes of patients with non muscle invasive bladder cancer treated by BCG immunotherapy. Ultrastructural Pathology. 2013;37(4):273‑277.

7. Akkari H, Jebali J, Gharbi M, Mhadhbi M, Awadi S, Darghouth MA. Epidemiological study of sympatric Haemonchus species and genetic characterization of Haemonchus contortus in domestic ruminants in Tunisia. Veterinary Parasitology. 2013;193(1-3):118‑125.

8. Al-Gallas N, Abbassi MS, Gharbi B, Manai M, Ben Fayala MN, Bichihi R, et al. Occurrence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants and rmtB gene in salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis and typhimurium isolated from food-animal products in Tunisia. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease. 2013;10(9):813‑819.

9. Aouadhi C, Simonin H, Maaroufi A, Mejri S. Optimization of nutrient-induced germination of Bacillus sporothermodurans spores using response surface methodology. Food Microbiology. 2013;36(2):320‑326.

10. Aouadhi C, Simonin H, Mejri S, Maaroufi A. The combined effect of nisin, moderate heating and high hydrostatic pressure on the inactivation of Bacillus sporothermodurans spores. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 2013;115(1):147‑155.

11. Aouadhi C, Simonin H, Prévost H, de Lamballerie M, Maaroufi A, Mejri S. Inactivation of Bacillus sporothermodurans LTIS27 spores by high hydrostatic pressure and moderate heat studied by response surface methodology. LWT - Food Science and Technology. 2013;50(1):50‑56.

12. Ayed SB, Bouratbine A. Entamoeba dispar strains: Analysis of polymorphism in Tunisian isolates. Acta Tropica. 2013;125(1):107‑109.

13. Barhoumi M, Meddeb-Garnaoui A, Tanner NK, Banroques J, Kaabi B, Guizani I. DEAD-box proteins, like Leishmania eIF4A, modulate interleukin (IL)-12, IL-10 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha production by human monocytes. Parasite Immunology. 2013;35(5-6):194‑199.

14. Bchetnia M, Laroussi N, Youssef M, Charfeddine C, Ben Brick AS, Boubaker MS, et al. Particular mal de meleda phenotypes in tunisia and mutations founder effect in the mediterranean region. BioMed Research International. 2013;2013.

15. Bel-Ochi NC, Bouratbine A, Mousli M. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Using Recombinant SAG1 Antigen To Detect Toxoplasma gondii-Specific Immunoglobulin G Antibodies in Human Sera and Saliva. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology. avr 2013;20(4):468‑473.

16. Ben Abdallah R, Siala E, Bouafsoun A, Maatoug R, Souissi O, Aoun K, et al. Toxoplasmosis mother-to-child screening: Study of cases followed in the Pasteur Institute of Tunis (2007-2010). Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique. 2013;106(2):108‑112.

17. Ben Halim N, Ben Alaya Bouafif N, Romdhane L, Kefi Ben Atig R, Chouchane I, Bouyacoub Y, et al. Consanguinity, endogamy, and genetic disorders in Tunisia. Journal of Community Genetics. 2013;4(2):273‑284.

18. Ben Rekaya M, Jerbi M, Messaoud O, Ben Brick AS, Zghal M, Mbarek C, et al. Further evidence of mutational heterogeneity of the XPC gene in tunisian families: A spectrum of private and ethnic specific mutations. BioMed Research International. 2013;2013.

19. Ben Rhouma F, Azzouz H, Petit FM, Khelifa MB, Chehida AB, Nasrallah F, et al. Molecular and biochemical characterization of a novel intronic single point mutation in a Tunisian family with glycogen storage disease type III. Molecular Biology Reports. 2013;40(7):4197‑4202.

20. Ben Said M, Galaï Y, Ben Ahmed M, Gharbi M, de la Fuente J, Jedidi M, et al. Hd86 mRNA expression profile in Hyalomma scupense life stages, could it contribute to explain anti-tick vaccine effect discrepancy between adult and immature instars? Veterinary Parasitology. 2013;198(1-2):258‑263.

21. Ben Salah A, Ben Messaoud N, Guedri E, Zaatour A, Ben Alaya N, Bettaieb J, et al. Topical paromomycin with or without gentamicin for cutaneous leishmaniasis. New England Journal of Medicine. 2013;368(6):524‑532.

22. Benabid M, Galai Y, Nouira R, Bouchoucha S, Bouratbine A, Aoun K. Contribution of specific anti-hydatid IgG subclasses in the diagnosis of echinococcosis primary infection and relapses. Clinical Laboratory. 2013;59(3-4):293‑298.

23. Bendaoud B, Hosni I, Mosbahi I, Hafsia R, Prehu C, Abbes S. Three new mutations account for the prevalence of glucose 6 phosphate deshydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency in Tunisia. Pathologie Biologie. 2013;61(2):64‑69.

24. Benmansour I, Moradkhani K, Moumni I, Wajcman H, Hafsia R, Ghanem A, et al. Two new class III G6PD variants [G6PD Tunis (c.920A>C: P.307Gln>Pro) and G6PD Nefza (c.968T>C: P.323 Leu>Pro)] and overview of the spectrum of mutations in Tunisia. Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases. 2013;50(2):110‑114.

25. Ben-Mustapha I, Ben-Farhat K, Guirat-Dhouib N, Dhemaied E, Larguèche B, Ben-Ali M, et al. Clinical, immunological and genetic findings of a large Tunisian series of major histocompatibility complex class II deficiency patients. Journal of Clinical Immunology. 2013;33(4):865‑870.

26. Bettaieb J, Bellali H, Alaya NB, Mrabet A, Chahed MK. Evaluation of the surveillance of invasive meningococcal disease in Tunis: Capture-recapture method. Sante Publique. 2013;25(5):609‑615.

27. Bichaud L, Dachraoui K, Piorkowski G, Chelbi I, Moureau G, Cherni S, et al. Toscana virus isolated from Sandflies, Tunisia. Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2013;19(2):322‑324.

28. Borchani L, Sassi A, Ben Gharsa H, Safra I, Shahbazzadeh D, Ben Lasfar Z, et al. The pathological effects of Heminecrolysin, a dermonecrotic toxin from Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion venom are mediated through its lysophospholipase D activity. Toxicon. 2013;68:30‑39.

29. Boubaker Elandalousi R, Akkari H, B’chir F, Gharbi M, Mhadhbi M, Awadi S, et al. Thymus capitatus from Tunisian arid zone: Chemical composition and in vitro anthelmintic effects on Haemonchus contortus. Veterinary Parasitology. 2013;197(1-2):374‑378.

30. Boulares M, Mankai M, Aouadhi C, Olfa BM, Hassouna M. Characterisation and identification of spoilage psychotrophic Gram-negative bacteria originating from Tunisian fresh fish. Annals of Microbiology. 2013;63(2):733‑744.

31. Bouyacoub Y, Zribi H, Azzouz H, Nasrallah F, Abdelaziz RB, Kacem M, et al. Novel and recurrent mutations in the TAT gene in Tunisian families affected with Richner-Hanhart Syndrome. Gene. 2013;529(1):45‑49.

32. Chahed Bel-Ochi N, Bouratbine A, Mousli M. Design and characterization of a recombinant colorimetric SAG1-alkaline phosphatase conjugate to detect specific antibody responses against Toxoplasma gondii. Journal of Immunological Methods. 2013;394(1-2):107‑114.

33. Chaouch L, Talbi E, Moumni I, Chaabene AB, Kalai M, Chaouachi D, et al. Early complication in sickle cell anemia children due to A(TA) nTAA polymorphism at the promoter of UGT1A1 gene. Disease Markers. 2013;35(2):1‑6.

34. Chaouch M, Fathallah-Mili A, Driss M, Lahmadi R, Ayari C, Guizani I, et al. Identification of Tunisian Leishmania spp. by PCR amplification of cysteine proteinase B (cpb) genes and phylogenetic analysis. Acta Tropica. 2013;125(3):357‑365.

35. Chaouch M, Mhadhbi M, Adams ER, Schoone GJ, Limam S, Gharbi Z, et al. Development and evaluation of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of Leishmania infantum in canine leishmaniasis based on cysteine protease B genes. Veterinary Parasitology. 2013;198(1-2):78‑84.

36. Cheikh A, Benkhalifa R, Landoulsi Z, Chatti I, Ayeb ME. Inhibition of human Kv3.1 current expressed in Xenopus oocytes by the toxic venom fraction of Androctonus australis hector. 2013.

37. Cherif W, Ben Turkia H, Ben Rhouma F, Riahi I, Chemli J, Amaral O, et al. Molecular diagnosis of Gaucher disease in Tunisia. Pathologie Biologie. 2013;61(2):59‑63.

38. Cruz I, Millet A, Carrillo E, Chenik M, Salotra P, Verma S, et al. An approach for interlaboratory comparison of conventional and real-time PCR assays for diagnosis of human leishmaniasis. Experimental Parasitology. 2013;134(3):281‑289.

39. Derbali M, Chelbi I, Cherni S, Barhoumi W, Boujaâma A, Raban R, et al. Laboratory and field evaluation of an imidacloprid treated rodent oral bait for a systemic control of Phlebotomus papatasi Scopoli, 1786 (Dipetra: Psychodidae). Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique. 2013;106(1):54‑58.

40. Djeddi S, Karioti A, Yannakopoulou E, Papadopoulos K, Chatter R, Skaltsa H. Analgesic and antioxidant activities of Algerian Retama raetam (Forssk.) Webb & Berthel extracts. Records of Natural Products. 2013;7(3):169‑176.

41. El Matri L, Ouechtati F, Chebil A, Largueche L, Abdelhak S. Clinical polymorphism of stargardt disease in a large consanguineous Tunisian family; implications for nosology. Journal of Ophthalmic and Vision Research. 2013;8(4):341‑350.

42. Fekih-Zaghbib S, Fildier A, Barrek S, Bouhaouala-Zahar B. A complementary LC-ESI-MS and MALDI-TOF approach for screening antibacterial proteomic signature of farmed European Sea bass mucus. Fish and Shellfish Immunology. 2013;35(2):207‑212.

43. Fezaa O, Bahri O, Alaya Bouafif NB, Triki H, Bouattour A. Seroprevalence of Toscana virus infection in Tunisia. International Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2013;17(12):e1172‑e1175.

44. Ghazghazi H, Chedia A, Weslati M, Trakhna F, Houssine S, Abderrazak M, et al. Chemical composition and in vitro antimicrobial activities of mentha pulegium leaves extracts against foodborne pathogens. Journal of Food Safety. 2013;33(3):239‑246.

45. Hellal Kort Y, Bourogâa H, Gribaa L, Scott-Algara D, Ghram A. Molecular characterization of avian reovirus isolates in Tunisia. Virology Journal. 2013;10.

46. Houimel M, Mazzucchelli L. Chemokine CCR3 ligands-binding peptides derived from a random phage-epitope library. Immunology Letters. 2013;149(1-2):19‑29.

47. Kaabi B, Ahmed SBH. Assessing the effect of zooprophylaxis on zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission: A system dynamics approach. BioSystems. 2013;114(3):253‑260.

48. Kalai M, Chaouch L, Mansour IB, Hafsia R, Ghanem A, Abbes S. Frequency of three polymorphisms of the CCL5 gene (RS2107538, RS2280788 and RS2280789) and their implications for the phenotypic expression of sickle cell anemia in Tunisia. Polish Journal of Pathology. 2013;64(2):84‑89.

49. Khlifi D, Sghaier RM, Amouri S, Laouini D, Hamdi M, Bouajila J. Composition and anti-oxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activities of Artemisia herba-alba, Ruta chalpensis L. and Peganum harmala L. Food and Chemical Toxicology. 2013;55:202‑208.

50. Kluge S, Rourou S, Vester D, Majoul S, Benndorf D, Genzel Y, et al. Proteome analysis of virus-host cell interaction: Rabies virus replication in Vero cells in two different media. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2013;97(12):5493‑5506.

51. Kouidhi S, Berhouma R, Ammar M, Rouissi K, Jarboui S, Clerget-Froidevaux M-S, et al. Relationship of thyroid function with obesity and type 2 diabetes in euthyroid tunisian subjects. Endocrine Research. 2013;38(1):15‑23.

52. Kouidhi S, Berrhouma R, Rouissi K, Jarboui S, Clerget-Froidevaux M-S, Seugnet I, et al. Human subcutaneous adipose tissue Glut 4 mRNA expression in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Acta Diabetologica. 2013;50(2):227‑232.

53. Landoulsi Z, Miceli F, Palmese A, Amoresano A, Marino G, Ayeb ME, et al. Subtype-selective activation of Kv7 channels by AaTXKβ(2-64), a novel toxin variant from the Androctonus australis Scorpion venom. Molecular Pharmacology. 2013;84(5):763‑773.

54. Lemaire J, Mkannez G, Guerfali FZ, Gustin C, Attia H, Sghaier RM, et al. MicroRNA Expression Profile in Human Macrophages in Response to Leishmania major Infection. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 2013;7(10).

55. Leone M, D’Ippoliti D, De Sario M, Analitis A, Menne B, Katsouyanni K, et al. A time series study on the effects of heat on mortality and evaluation of heterogeneity into European and Eastern-Southern Mediterranean cities: Results of EU CIRCE project. Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source. 2013;12(1).

56. Louzir H, Aoun K, Späth GF, Laouini D, Prina E, Victoir K, et al. Leishmania epidemiology, diagnosis, chemotherapy and vaccination approaches in the international network of Pasteur Institutes. Medecine/Sciences. 2013;29(12):1151‑1160.

57. M’ghirbi Y, Ros-García A, Iribar P, Rhaim A, Hurtado A, Bouattour A. A molecular study of tick-borne haemoprotozoan parasites (Theileria and Babesia) in small ruminants in Northern Tunisia. Veterinary Parasitology. 2013;198(1-2):72‑77.

58. Marrouchi R, Benoit E, Le Caer J-P, Belayouni N, Belghith H, Molgó J, et al. Toxic C17-sphinganine analogue mycotoxin, contaminating tunisian mussels, causes flaccid paralysis in rodents. Marine Drugs. 2013;11(12):4724‑4740.

59. Marrouchi R, Rome G, Kharrat R, Molgó J, Benoit E. Analysis of the action of gymnodimine-A and 13-desmethyl spirolide C on the mouse neuromuscular system invivo. Toxicon. 2013;75:27‑34.

60. Meiloud G, Arfa I, Kefi R, Abdelhamid I, Veten F, Lasram K, et al. Type 2 diabetes in Mauritania: Prevalence of the undiagnosed diabetes, influence of family history and maternal effect. Primary Care Diabetes. 2013;7(1):19‑24.

61. Melloul F, Chouaib S, Dhoui N, Ouedern M, Ben Khale M, Abbe S, et al. Effectiveness and acceptance of hydroxyurea in the treatment of severe forms of sickle cell disease: A prospective study of 65 cases. Tunisie Medicale. 2013;91(8-9):544‑550.

62. Messaoud O, Ben Rekaya M, Jerbi M, Ouertani I, Kefi R, Laroussi N, et al. The experience of a tunisian referral centre in prenatal diagnosis of xeroderma pigmentosum. Public Health Genomics. 2013;16(5):251‑254.

63. Mezni F, Khaldi A, Maaroufi A, Hamrouni L, Msallem M, Boussaid M, et al. Fatty acid composition and biological properties of the fixed oil of the fruits of Pistacia lentiscus L. 2013. 219 p.

64. Morjen M, Kallech-ziri O, Bazaa A, Othman H, Mabrouk K, Zouari-kessentini R, et al. PIVL, a new serine protease inhibitor from Macrovipera lebetina transmediterranea venom, impairs motility of human glioblastoma cells. Matrix Biology. 2013;32(1):52‑62.

65. Nagara M, Tiar A, Ben Halim N, Ben Rhouma F, Messaoud O, Bouyacoub Y, et al. Mutation spectrum of primary hyperoxaluria type 1 in Tunisia: Implication for diagnosis in North Africa. Gene. 2013;527(1):316‑320.

66. Namouchi A, Karboul A, Fabre M, Gutierrez MC, Mardassi H. Evolution of Smooth Tubercle Bacilli PE and PE_PGRS Genes: Evidence for a Prominent Role of Recombination and Imprint of Positive Selection. PLoS ONE. 2013;8(5).

67. Ouerhani S, Bougatef K, Soltani I, Elgaaied ABA, Abbes S, Menif S. The prevalence and prognostic significance of KRAS mutation in bladder cancer, chronic myeloid leukemia and colorectal cancer. Molecular Biology Reports. 2013;40(6):4109‑4114.

68. Ouerhani S, Cherif N, Bahri I, Safra I, Menif S, Abbes S. Genetic polymorphisms of NQO1, CYP1A1 and TPMT and susceptibility to acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a Tunisian population. Molecular Biology Reports. 2013;40(2):1307‑1314.

69. Ouneissa R, Bahri O, Ben Yahia A, Touzi H, Msaddak Azouz M, Ben Mami N, et al. Evaluation of PCR-RFLP in the pre-S region as molecular method for hepatitis B virus genotyping. Hepatitis Monthly. 2013;13(10).

70. Prando C, Samarina A, Bustamante J, Boisson-Dupuis S, Cobat A, Picard C, et al. Inherited IL-12p40 deficiency: Genetic, immunologic, and clinical features of 49 patients from 30 kindreds. Medicine (United States). 2013;92(2):109‑122.

71. Rabhi I, Rabhi S, Ben-Othman R, Aniba MR, Trentin B, Piquemal D, et al. Comparative analysis of resistant and susceptible macrophage gene expression response to Leishmania major parasite. BMC Genomics. 2013;14(1).

72. Riahi L, Elferchichi M, Ghazghazi H, Jebali J, Ziadi S, Aouadhi C, et al. Phytochemistry, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of the essential oils of Mentha rotundifolia L. in Tunisia. Industrial Crops and Products. 2013;49:883‑889.

73. Riahi Z, Chahed H, Jaafoura H, Zainine R, Messaoud O, Naili M, et al. A novel frameshift mutation (c.405delC) in the GJB2 gene associated with autosomal recessive hearing loss in two Tunisian families. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. 2013;77(9):1485‑1488.

74. Riahi Z, Hammami H, Ouragini H, Messai H, Zainine R, Bouyacoub Y, et al. Update of the spectrum of GJB2 gene mutations in Tunisian families with autosomal recessive nonsyndromic hearing loss. Gene. 2013;525(1):1‑4.

75. Riahi Z, Zainine R, Mellouli Y, Hannachi R, Bouyacoub Y, Laroussi N, et al. Compound heterozygosity for dominant and recessive GJB2 mutations in a Tunisian family and association with successful cochlear implant outcome. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology. 2013;77(9):1481‑1484.

76. Ros-García A, M’ghirbi Y, Hurtado A, Bouattour A. Prevalence and genetic diversity of piroplasm species in horses and ticks from Tunisia. Infection, Genetics and Evolution. 2013;17:33‑37.

77. Rourou S, Riahi N, Majoul S, Trabelsi K, Kallel H. Development of an in situ detachment protocol of Vero cells grown on Cytodex1 microcarriers under animal component-free conditions in stirred bioreactor. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 2013;170(7):1724‑1737.

78. Safra I, Ladeb S, Skouri N, Ouerhani S, Amor AB, Menif S, et al. Does multiple myeloma response induction therapy depending on plasma cell il6 receptor gene expression. Tunisie Medicale. 2013;91(5):337‑341.

79. Safra I, Laouiti F, Manai Z, Zriba S, Hmida H, Mdhaffer M, et al. Adult lymphocytosis classification by flow cytometry. Tunisie Medicale. 2013;91(5):352‑356.

80. Sakhria S, Bichaud L, Mensi M, Salez N, Dachraoui K, Thirion L, et al. Co-Circulation of Toscana Virus and Punique Virus in Northern Tunisia: A Microneutralisation-Based Seroprevalence Study. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 2013;7(9).

81. Sanogo C, Raïssi N, Ben Miled S, Jerry C. A Viability Analysis of Fishery Controlled by Investment Rate. Acta Biotheoretica. 2013;61(3):341‑352.

82. Senhaji MA, Abidi O, Nadifi S, Benchikhi H, Khadir K, Ben Rekaya M, et al. C.1643-1644delTG XPC mutation is more frequent in Moroccan patients with xeroderma pigmentosum. Archives of Dermatological Research. 2013;305(1):53‑57.

83. Sfaihi L, Aloulou H, Kamoun T, Chabchoub I, Ben Moustapha I, Barbouch R, et al. Primary immunodeficiency disorders in 51 cases. Tunisie Medicale. 2013;91(1):38‑43.

84. Siala E, Foudhaili H, Doggi A, Gamara D, Ben Alaya N, Ben Abdallah R, et al. Evaluation and contribution of OptiMAL-IT® test for the diagnosis of imported malaria in Tunisia. Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique. 2013;106(4):233‑238.

85. Talmoudi F, Kammoun L, Benhalim N, Torjemane L, Ouederni M, Aissaoui L, et al. Cytogenetic assessment of fanconi anemia in children with aplastic anemia in tunisia. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. 2013;35(7):547‑550.

86. Talmoudi F, Kilani O, Ayed W, Ben Halim N, Mellouli F, Torjmane L, et al. Differentiation of Fanconi anemia and aplastic anemia using mitomycin C test in Tunisia. Comptes Rendus - Biologies. 2013;336(1):29‑33.

87. Tombari W, Paul M, Bettaieb J, Larbi I, Nsiri J, Elbehi I, et al. Risk Factors and Characteristics of Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus Isolated from Commercial Poultry in Tunisia. PLoS ONE. 2013;8(1).

88. Trape J-F, Diatta G, Arnathau C, Bitam I, Sarih M, Belghyti D, et al. The epidemiology and geographic distribution of relapsing fever borreliosis in West and North Africa, with a review of the Ornithodoros erraticus complex (Acari: Ixodida). PLoS ONE. 2013;8(11).

89. Zouari-Kessentini R, Srairi-Abid N, Bazaa A, El Ayeb M, Luis J, Marrakchi N. Antitumoral potential of Tunisian snake venoms secreted phospholipases A2. BioMed Research International. 2013;2013.



Publications de l'année 2012

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Immunologie des maladies infectieuses de l'homme et de l'animal

1.        Salivary Antigen SP32 Is the Immunodominant Target of the Antibody Response to Phlebotomus papatasi Bites in Humans Marzouki, S., Abdeladhim, M., Abdessalem, C.B., Oliveira, F., Ferjani, B., Gilmore, D., Louzir, H., Valenzuela, J.G., Ahmed, M.B. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 6 ( 11 ) , art. no. e1911, 2012

2.        Transcriptomic Signature of Leishmania Infected Mice Macrophages: A Metabolic Point of View Rabhi, I., Rabhi, S., Ben-Othman, R., Rasche, A., Consortium, S., Daskalaki, A., Trentin, B., Piquemal, D., Regnault, B., Descoteaux, A., Guizani-Tabbane, L. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases , 6 ( 8 ) , art. no. e176

3.        Amoebome iléocæcal: un cas diagnostiqué par l'anatomie pathologique et la biologie moléculaire », par E. Siala, R. Ben Abdallaha, S. Ben Ayed, K. Haouet, S. Haouet, O. Souissi, K. Aoun et A. Bouratbine. A. Archives Institut Pasteur de Tunis,.Volume 89- (2012).

4.        Differentially expressed Leishmania major genes might discriminate between clinical isolates of contrasted virulence Guerfali, F.; Sghaier, R. M.; Laouini, D.; et al. Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES  Volume: 16   Supplement: 1   Pages: E160-E161   DOI: 10.1016/j.ijid.2012.05.693   Published: JUN 2012

5.        In vitro growth kinetics, differentiation and morphological characterisation of Tunisian Leishmania infantum parasites.-Hachemi, H., Guerbouj, S., Turki-Mannoubi, L., Kaabi, B., Guizani, I.Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 106 (1) pp. 20-25.

6.        Le Macrophage: Chef D'orchestre de l'immunité anti-tuberculeuse », M. Essafi et M. Haoues. Archives Institut Pasteur de Tunis,.Volume 89- (2012).

7.        Age related efficiency of Leishmanin skin test as a marker immunity to human visceral Leishmaniasis. AtfaSassi, Ben Salah A, Bel HajHamida N, Zaatour A. Archives Institut Pasteur de Tunis,.Volume 89- (2012).

8.        Updating the Salivary Gland Transcriptome of Phlebotomus papatasi (Tunisian Strain): The Search for Sand Fly-Secreted Immunogenic Proteins for Humans. Maha Abdeladhim, Ryan Jochim, Melika Ben Ahmed, Elyes Zhioua, Ifhem Chelbi, Saifedine Cherni, Hechmi Louzir, José M.C. Ribeiro and Jesus G. Valenzuela.  Plos One. 2012; 7(11):e47347.

9.        Effects of Leishmania major clones showing different levels of virulence on infectivity, differentiation and maturation of human dendritic cells Markikou-Ouni, W.; Ben Achour-Chenik, Y.; Meddeb-Garnaoui, A.CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL IMMUNOLOGY  Volume: 169   Issue: 3   Pages: 273-280   DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2249.2012.04611

10.        MBT/Pas mouse: a relevant model for the evaluation of Rift Valley fever vaccines Author(s): Ayari-Fakhfakh, Emna; do Valle, Tania Zaverucha; Guillemot, Laurent; et al. Source: JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY  Volume: 93   Pages: 1456-1464   DOI: 10.1099/vir.0.042754-0   Part: Part 7   Published: JUL 2012

11.        Random phage-epitope library based identification of a peptide antagonist of Mac-1 β2 integrin ligand binding. Houimel M. and L. Mazzucchelli (2012). Matrix Biol.; 31(1):66-77

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Articles in Press

  1. Human subcutaneous adipose tissue Glut 4 mRNA expression in obesity and type 2 diabetes Kouidhi, S., Berrhouma, R., Rouissi, K., Jarboui, S., Clerget-Froidevaux, M.-S., Seugnet, I., Bchir, F., (...), Elgaaied, A.B. Acta Diabetologica , pp. 1-6  Article in Press
  2. First detection of Babesia occultans in Hyalomma ticks from Tunisia ROS-GARCÍA, A., M'GHIRBI, Y., BOUATTOUR, A., HURTADO, A. Parasitology , pp. 1-5  Article in Press
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