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The Platform is a specialized structure US20IPT01 belonging to the Institut Pasteur, labeled IPT'OMICS. This structure brings together a set of high-speed technologies to respond to projects in Genomics, Proteomics, imaging and preliminary bioinformatics analyses.
The mission of IPT'OMICS is to facilitate and accelerate the scientific discovery of Pasteurian research teams.
IPT'OMICS also works for non-pastoral research teams and with the private sector.
IPT'OMICS accepts both service and collaboration projects.

IPT'OMICS experts work to ensure fast and efficient processing of all samples and requests. If you have any suggestions for improvement, do not hesitate to contact us:




Member support-Lab

sinda zarroukDr. Sinda Zarrouk, Phd
Biologist Head of IPT'OMICSTechnological Platform
Phone : +216 71 783 022 (poste 575)
E-mail :

Member Wet-Lab

Saifeddine AzouzSaifeddine Azouz,
Biological Engineer
Phone : +216 71 783 022 (poste 138)
mohamed zouariMohamed Zouari,
Chemical Engineer
Phone : +216 71 783 022 (poste 138)

Our mission is to perform the sequencing of your project. Starting from DNA or RNA samples provided to us to the raw datas.
Multiple sequencing protocols have been developed and routinely used in the platform. Furthermore, we are happy to advise research teams wishing to co-develop new protocols. Our expertises DNAseq (short reads) RNAseq (short reads) Metagenomics 16s-18s-ITS or Shotgun (short reads) All you can Seq (Capture-Seq...)

This Unit is funded by :



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